Two Days in a Row

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The main gate to our court was locked. So I had to touch it in order to open it. In these Covid-19 days, one thinks twice before touching public places. But I had no option, so I cast a glance at the security guard cubicle and opened the gate. The guard was deep asleep.

I have often wondered how night guards navigate the natural urge to sleep and the professional need to remain awake. I should ask Kemboi, my favorite security guard.

Fatma was on my mind. Fatma Bonita. I have realized that every time I step out of the house to go and run, someone or somethings always seizes my mind. For the duration of the run, that person or thing keeps popping up in my mind. A few weeks ago, it was Sunshine, though she was dampening my mood instead of lighting it up. So I tried my best albeit unsuccessfully to edge her out of my mind.

Thankfully, the Fatma Bonita thoughts are leaving smiles in my heart as I run. And even more heartening, there is a spring in my step today. Unlike yesterday, I am not suffering from heartburn, so my run is unbridled. Today, I am sprinting more but also resting more. Which ends up working just fine because by the time I am back at Whitehouse, Mapmywalk informs me that I ran 12 kilometers at an average speed of 6.06 minutes per kilometer. Not as good as the previous week’s 6.05 minutes per kilometer but not bad at all.

And before I forget, today is also the first time in more than two years that I have gone for a morning run for two consecutive days!

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