When Love take over your life

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Are you in love? But what really is love in this instance? What do we mean when we say, 'falling in love'? Think about your own experience. Think about one of the times in your life when you fell in love? You probably thought about the person you fell in love with most of the time. (Maybe you still do). Most likely, you spent most of the time in classroom or at your work place thinking about that person. 

Even her very voice is soaked in sweetness, her very sight utterly angelic. He would say of the woman he loves. 

His touch is magical, his embrace divine. She would say of the man she loves.

These two spend most of the time together but it rarely seems to be enough. When they are apart, they spend hours on the phone. When they finally hang up, it is because they have to, not because they want to. When they meet for a drink - vanilla smoothie for her and mango juice for him - they only stand up to leave because the lights have been dimmed, signaling that the restaurant is about to close for the day.

If they happen to be college students, they spend half the time in the lecture halls fantasizing about the moment they will meet immediately after class. If they are workmates, they pray to God to shorten the night so tha they can meet at work in the morning. What will she be wearing? He wonders. What are you wearing baibe? He texts her. Nothing. She replies with two smiley faces and one love face. Oh my God, he gasps audibly. They text for most of the time they are apart and they have run out of airtime. Because of the texts, he gasps, grins, smiles, sighs, dreams, laughs, closes his eyes, imagines, fantasizes and pushes the clock with all his might, urging time to go faster. So that he can see her again.

She looks forward to Monday much more than Friday. Monday means that she will be with him for another five, uninterrupted days. Friday means that she will be with him for only two days. But thankfully, Friday also means that she will be with him for at least one night.

Are you in love? How does it feel like? Does it feel like eating your best meal all the time? Let’s say that you absolutely adore grilled chicken and roast potatoes. Does being in love feel like you are constantly eating grilled chicken and roast potatoes?

Does being in love feel like a sunrise that never ends? Think about reclining on the beach and gazing at the sun rising in orange splendour. Does being in love feel like you are watching that sun rise even when you are in the washroom?

She takes your breath away. He fills you with joy. She makes you want to dance even when there is no music. He makes you feel safe. You could look at her body all day long and not get tired. He makes you laugh. The way she looks at you makes you want to shut out the rest of the world. The way he carries you makes you feel like a feather floating happily in calm, blue skies.

Does being in love feel that way?

What about when you refuse to pick each other's phone calls? Have you stopped being in love?

When you peruse his messages and shake your head with regret. When you delete her messages and 'unfriend' her on facebook.

Love may cause sweet feelings to run through your body but it is more than a feeling. At the end of the day, love is more hand than mouth.

In other words, love is ultimately about action, not words. 



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