A Night at Dudu Villas, Lamu

Written by  Saturday, 24 August 2013 00:00

The two donkeys were hurtling towards us with scared looks in their usually expressionless faces. Hot on their heels were three German Shepherd dogs. I stopped in my tracks as did Mulhat. As the man, I tried to look brave and behave as if I met angry German Shepherd dogs every other day. Truth is, the last time I had met with a German shepherd dog was ten years earlier in Imola, Italy as I was strolling down a lonely street.

‘Where are those dogs coming from!’ Mulhat lamented as she pressed against the fence of the fisheries department as if willing it to open up and protect her.

A Rastafarian beach boy soon trotted along and nodded proudly when I asked him if he was with the dogs. Mulhat’s pretty face relaxed and we continued walking along the sea wall in bouts of chatter that was punctuated by occasional moments of silence as we exchanged loving glances. Within a few minutes, we took a right turn that led to Dudu Villas and Cottages. It was just after 6.30 PM and as is true of Lamu, it was already dark.

Bang, bang! I knocked the heavy wooden gate. No response.

‘Hodi!’ ‘Hodi!’ I shouted.

Kuna watu?!’ Is there anyone? Mulhat shouted. No response.

Just as we were preparing for another round of gate-banging, a couple joined us at the gate. They were staff, and so they proceeded to make a phone call that resulted in quick opening of the gate.


Atqui eorum nihil est eius generis, ut sit in fine atque extrerno bonorum. Aliter homines, aliter philosophos loqui putas oportere?


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