Africa Must Become a Gold Digger

Africa Must Become a Gold Digger
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Africa Must Become a Gold Digger

Is South Africa showing USA the middle finger as it gets on board with Russia? If it is, then it’s about time for an African country to stand up to USA. BUT. But it’s better to stand up to USA and face forward than to do so and face East. That’s what Kwame Nkrumah meant by this quote above.

What is Russia bringing to the table that will enrich South Africa’s economy? When it comes to Africa’s foreign policy, gold digging should be the name of the game. Make no mistake, all these foreign powers relate with Africa from a standpoint of gold digging! When they hug us, it’s because they are looking for a through pass to our immense natural wealth!

Back to Russia, here is something you may not know.

Last year, only a teeny tiny 0.2 per cent of South Africa’s overall exports went to Russia. You got that right, only 0.2 percent! Meanwhile, 9 per cent of South Africa’s exports last year went to the US while 10 percent went to China.

If I was Cyril Ramaphosa, I wouldn’t say yes to Russia’s engagement proposal until they better China’s 10 percent or at least USA’s 9 percent!


South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa

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