Omar Al-Bashir’s role in the current conflict

Omar Al-Bashir’s role in the current conflict
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Omar Al-Bashir’s role in the current conflict

There are individuals who impact an entire country forever. For some like Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr or Thomas Sankara, the impact is positive. They effect lasting change. But for others, the impact is negative. Their actions brutalize an entire nation and rip it apart. Omar Al-Bashir is one such man.

He was Sudan’s President for 26 years from 1993 to 2019. This isn’t as much as the 43 years that Teodoro Obiang has ruled Equitorial Guinea. He took the reins of this West African country on August 3rd, 1979 through a coup.

The problem with Omar al-Bashir’s reign is not the length but the sheer depth of the havoc that it has wreaked in Sudan.

The scale of Bashir’s havoc can be seen in Darfur. Nearly 300,000 civilians died in Darfur after Bashir used violence to quell a local rebellion in the region. He mostly used the Janjaweed militia to suppress the revolt. This Janjaweed militia morphed into the Rapid Support Forces that is now embroiled in the ongoing violent conflict. There would have been no Rapid Support Forces if Bashir hadn’t empowered the Janjaweed militia.


Former Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir

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