Only the Sudanese People can solve the Conflict in Sudan

Only the Sudanese People can solve the Conflict in Sudan
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Only the Sudanese People can solve the Conflict in Sudan

There is a world of a difference between meeting the needs of people and sharing the spoils of power.

The two Generals who are fighting in Sudan are not doing so in order to meet the needs of Sudanese people. If that was their motivation, bullets and bombs wouldn’t be raging in the first place.

If that was their motivation, they wouldn’t have allowed themselves to become proxies of a larger more secretive war of foreign powers enforcing their selfish, greedy interests.

These two Generals, General Abdul Fattah al-Burhan Head of the Sudanese Army and General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Head of the Rapid Support Forces Paramilitary Group, are not knights in shining armor out to rescue Sudan from imminent peril.

Let me tell you who they are.

Let’s start with General Hamdan Dagalo.

Do you have any idea what the Janjaweed militia did in Darfur? Please check it out. All I can tell you is that in the early 2000s, they executed one of the worst atrocities on African soil. 300,000 people died. Most of them were ethnic Africans who look like me.

General Hamdan Dagalo was one of the leaders of the Janjaweed Militia. How can such a man be Sudan’s savior? And just to remind you, he controls most of the goldmines in Sudan, which means that proceeds from this gold don’t really benefit Sudan’s 45 million people.

As for General Al-Burhan, head of Sudan’s army, he has recklessly steered Sudan to the edge of the cliff. For starters, he led the military coup against Sudan’s transitional government that he was a part of.

He then declared a state of emergency. He later issued an emergency order that handed immunity to security forces on a silver platter. He reloaded this impunity by restoring arrest powers to the General Intelligence Service (GIS) whose track record of serious abuses is no secret.

Indeed, these two Generals have started a destructive fire that some foreign Governments are happy to keep fanning because they are secret beneficiaries of this conflict.

What then should be done if these two Generals can’t be trusted?

Power should be handed to the people of Sudan through truly representative entities like the resistance committees that are scattered all over Sudan.

USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Aram Emirates and other foreign Governments must stop supporting one of the two military factions and start supporting the resistance committees. I know that this is easier said than done, but the alternative is unacceptable.  
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