Beautiful Breeze

A beautiful breeze for beautiful conversations

A beautiful breeze for beautiful conversations

Let's talk. More importantly, lets listen

Why are developing countries referred to as the third world and developed countries as the first world? Jay wondered as he sipped white tea at the open air restaurant in Nairobi Central YMCA. It was overlooking the swimming pool. At that hour of 10.17AM on a Tuesday, there was only person in the swimming pool and only one person in the open air part of the restaurant - Jay. The short-sleeved striped white shirt that he was wearing was covered by a green V-neck button front sweater vest. His blue stretch denim jeans were dangerously close to dirty. They had not been washed for the five weeks that he had been wearing them on and off.

When his friend Lola finally matched into the restaurant at 10.42 AM, he posed her that question even before say hi. Why are developing countries like Kenya referred to as the third world? They talked and talked and talked. Until 2.03PM. For half of that time, they were dissecting her meeting earlier that morning, with the CEO and Board members of a leading telecommunications company. 

Beautiful conversations are born when curious, caring minds encounter each other. As Annika Thor the Swedish Author said, such conversations are ‘so much more than words, a conversation is eyes, smiles, the silences between the words.’ These beautiful conversations know how to mine nourishing words from golden silence.

Beautiful conversations merge two different points of view into insightful words that drip with honesty and empathy. Keen listening is the fuel that runs all beautiful conversations.

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