A New Chapter, A new Sunrise

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Few sounds in the world are as beautiful as kids singing. Such was the beauty emanating from one of the classes of an outstanding school in Nairobi’s Kahawa Sukari suburb.

As the children sung, their shuffling seats provided an instrument accompaniment of sorts. The chairs were being scraped on the concrete floor as each of the kids stood up one after another, and filed to the front of the classroom to hug a little six-year-old girl who was standing just in front of a smooth white board. 

“I love you, you love me..”

The song was being led by Teacher Chege, one of those teachers who truly have a calling to teach. She was born to teach.

One by one, the young pupils gave the little girl a hug. She smiled as she returned the hugs in casual fashion. She was wearing the school uniform of a red cardigan, checked dress and red socks. Her face was a picture of confidence and curiosity.

That little girls is Aby, a charming six year old in whose heart lives bright, beautiful stars that show up occasionally in her sparkling brown eyes. It was her last day at that school since she was going to be moving to another school in the third term of 2019. When her mother – Liz – saw the video of her daughter being given this melodic bye bye, she shed tears.

One chapter was closing as another one flicked open. The new chapter was full of joy because it entailed realization of a lifelong dream that she had been working on with her husband for the ten years that they had been married. They were finally moving to their own house, hence the need to change schools. 

Even as one chapter in your life closes, it is important to focus on just on the new unfolding chapter, but on the entire book of your life.


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