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The Small Room

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A quick note to my future wife - if you furtively me catch me in the act of dashing to the washroom with my Samsung phone all the time, it is not because I want to send a quick message to an old flame. The only reason my phone escorts me to the small room all the the time is because I enjoy reading stuff as I sit there.

My favorite read at such times is the New York Times Review of Books. Like today, I just read a review about Leslie Jamison’s essays. So take it easy babe, am not using my time in the small room to cheat on you emotionally or engage in illicit communication!

While we are on this subject,I have always wondered how other people occupy their minds during the minutes they spend in the small room.

And did you know that your business there will stink a lot less if you drink a lot more water? If your business in that small room stinks really bad, then your body could be yelling at you to give it more water. In actual fact, you could also be having Crohn's disease, celiac disease or ulcerative colitis.

So babe, please note that I carry the phone to the small room to read about big books. Luv u!

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