The Sheer Sweetness of Gatanga's Sour Porridge

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The warm glow that am feeling in my spirit has nothing to do with chicken biryani, one of my favorite meals. Rather, the warm glow is stemming from a sip of sour porridge from Gatanga. Every sip seems to set ablaze a joyful campfire in my heart.

Think of that rich taste of wine then add to it the delicious texture of yogurt and you will begin to understand how this sour porridge tastes like.

With my eyes closed, my lips massage the calabash and I take two more sips then lick my lips. Oh happy day. This porridge is without doubt one of Central Kenya’s best gifts to the world, probably second only to Mt. Kenya.

Would you believe that this delicious thick white liquid has been sitting in a twenty-liter jerry can in my house for nearly three months! That’s right. And just like wine, it gets sweeter with the passage of time. I can’t believe that I only discovered it in August 2019 when we visited Gatanga, the ancestral home of Pius, my sister Grace’s husband. His mother is one of the few people who can still make this porridge traditionally.

How I pray that her skill will not become extinct. In between two more sips, I thank her.

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