Jewelry in the Forest

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This time, I was not in Karura Forest to walk, run or cycle. Rather, I was there with Keya, my new Executive Assistant for an official photo shoot. I was the director and photographer of the shoot while she was the model. Naturally shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera, I had to convince her that she had what it takes to model our newest collection of brass jewelry. So we sauntered into the farthest corner of Amani Garden picnic site.

Her hands were resting calmly on the green wooden table. Wrapped beautifully around the slender wrist of her left hand was an adjustable double brass cuff bracelet.

The bracelet was enjoined at the apex by a black bean-shaped horn that was encased in brass. Keya moved up the sleeves of her navy blue blazer so that I could get a good view and shot. I gazed up from the viewfinder into her eyes and she smiled shyly. Back into the viewfinder, my heart skipped a beat. The sunshine was pouring gently into her chocolate wrist and further illuminating parts of the bracelet. This created a pleasant bracelet shadow that I felt like scooping. 

She placed her arm on her chest after I requested her to do so. A Mona Lisa smile spread on her lips as her left palm grazed her right arm. The nail polish on four of her fingers was a light shade of purple. Only her ring finger was spotting classical pink nail polish. Then came the chocolate complexion upon which the double cuff bracelet was resting. Click! I looked at the photo and smiled with satisfaction.

It’s time to make out with the tree. I told her. A blush parted her lips into a sweet smile but I missed capturing it on camera. She stood up from the bench and walked to a silver oak tree that was a few feet behind us.

“Hold the tree tight,” I told her, “hug it like you love it.”


She did so with a shy look on her face. The brown and black thick tree trunk provided a beautiful background for her brown hand and the golden cuff bracelet on it.

I noticed then that the bracelet’s black horn encasing matched very well with her dark blazer. It occurred to me that the cuff bracelet was actually following in the sustainability footsteps of the tree. It was made from recycled brass and reclaimed horns. These two materials would have made it to a dumpsite somewhere if Kibera’s skilled artisans hadn’t used them to craft this stunning cuff bracelets and all the other brass jewelry in Sasafrica.Shop’s portfolio.

I decided to blur the tree and go for a close-up shot of the cuff bracelet. Instead of simply zooming, I took three steps forward and leaned closer to her wrist. Oh my God! This internal gasp was occasioned by the sweet golden color of the bracelet. It shone beautifully on the smooth surface of the double bracelets. Click! I smiled at the result, and looked up at Keya with a smile so bright that she had to smile back.   

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