Will I Break the Morning Run Record?

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It’s 3.32AM and am wondering if, when I leave for my morning run in an hour’s time at 4.30 AM, I will manage to break my current record of 5:46 minutes per kilometer, for the 12k distance. Am hoping I will, because I tend to break these records on Mondays. In addition, I am listening to Gravity, a song by John Mayer. Until one hour ago, I didn’t know that this musician existed. I had never heard of him. But after watching Hellen Ibe the spectacular Nigerian guitarist playing one of his songs, I decided to check him out. And boy, is he good! Especially his guitar accompaniment! Hopefully this delicious guitar rhythm will carry me to a fast, rhythmic run this morning.

It’s 8.34AM. I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat, dying to know if I broke the record. Take a guess. Well, I didn’t. But no worries because it was a difficult run that could have ended with much worse time. As soon as I began running at Kamuti’s butchery, it felt as if someone had tied two-kilo weights on each of the thighs. It must be the two helpings of rice and beans that I had yesterday, I thought with a frown, unhappy with myself for having eaten a bit too much during that lunch.

When I reached the end of Rhino Stretch, mapmywalk informed me that I had run in 5:31 minutes. Not bad. I thought. But my chest was thumping and legs dangerously close to a jelly state. Yet I had only covered one kilometer! Man! This is crazy. After the usual fifteen second rest as I walked, I burst into a fast run. Hmmm… I thought. Not bad. Looks like the two-kilo weights around my thighs are disappearing.

I stormed into Moi Drive and tore down for fifty meters, but had to stop to pee. When I proceeded with my run, I noticed that my left sole was having cramps. Not a good sign. Am in the middle of the second kilometer and my body keeps throwing issues at me! So I slowed my pace but kept going. Is it because of the 42-kilometer cycling that I did in Karura on Saturday? I wondered. But I dismissed this thought because the previous Tuesday, I had cycled for 45 kilometers and no cramps assaulted my legs during the morning run two days later.

At Usain Stretch, I decided not to pause at all until the three-kilometer mark. My left sole was now in better shape, but my chest was heaving up and down, as if an invisible hand was drumming it. Thankfully, I managed to run this third kilometer in 5:36 minutes. The fourth kilometer was even better. I ran it in 5:34 minutes, two seconds faster.

Unfortunately, I was a bit burnt out by the time I ran the sixth kilometer, so I only managed to cover it in a paltry 6:15 minutes. From that point on, I put my best foot forward as much as I could. When I finally arrived back at White House, I checked my phone to see that my average speed was 05:53 min/km. Considering how this run had started on a difficult note, I patted myself on the back.

Let’s hope that the Thursday run will shatter the 5:46 record. And that tomorrow, my cycling speed will be at least 13 kilometers per hours.

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The cycling remained rather slow at 10.5 kilometers an hour. Am wondering how I can increase my cycling speed!

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