Say Sorry to Your River

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Find out about the river that is nearest to you. For me it is Nairobi River. Take a walk to that river’s riverbank. Etch your feet into the soft ground and fix your gaze on the river’s flowing waters. As you do so, whisper this to the river, “am deeply sorry for having let you down.”

Listen keenly to the river’s flow and continue with your riverine confession, “am sorry for allowing your purity to be compromised.”

Because the river cannot voice words like you can, there will be only one way of knowing if you have been forgiven - restoration. The day that you walk to that same riverbank and find that the waters are no longer colored by the black of industrial effluent or by the brown of human waste; or by any number of pollutants that keep harming it, you will know that the river has forgiven you.

Let us restore our rivers. Let us restore that transparent color that reveals our reflections when we gaze into the river; let us restore that gentle, yet powerful flow that never, ever ceases. Even better, play your part in restoring that awesome river that flows nearest to you. 

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