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She Loves Him, He thinks He Loves Her

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By Bwak, Kenya

She loves him. She really does. He thinks he loves her. He hopes that with time he will love her as much as she loves him. She prays he does. They are on two different pages. On her page, he is the only one. His big, playful eyes that remind her of his carefree nature. His large forehead upon which she has launched countless teases and pats. He doesn't have a beard which is just fine with her because she is not a fan of facial hair. This face, this smooth face with playful eyes and a large forehead, is the only one on her page. On his page, her pretty face, ever etched in a warm smile, is not the only one. Although it is the most visible one, there are other other faces too. Maybe two or three. One of them isn't even the face of an actual, living person. It belongs to some ideal lady in the distant future. Why settle for the current lady when that ideal lady remains a distinct possibility? He is walking away from the prospect of real present love and emrbacing the illusion of ideal future love.

By Marjorie, Zimbabwe

As she sinks deeper into the beautiful emotion of love, confusion engulfs her like a whale does the smaller fish. She doesn't like this. Did I mention just how much she loves him? Yea a lot, but she doesn't like this confusion, the uncertainty, a constant need to second guess her worthiness and even her beauty. "Love is not for the faint hearted" This is a song her mother used to sing whenever she taught her about the need to be long-suffering in marriage. It rings ever so loud in her mind as she continues to visualize those playful eyes. Oh boy, perhaps all this would have been easier if he wasn't so easy on the eye.

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