Tears Cleanse the Soul President Obama was never afraid of embracing his tears

Tears Cleanse the Soul

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Do you remember the last time tears streamed down your cheeks? Your eyes moistened then you felt some wetness as a little river erupted from the depths of your heart, into your eyes then down your cheeks. You sniffed, fished out a napkin from your handbag and wiped those tears. Or maybe you just wiped them with the back of your hand. But the more you wiped them, the more they shot up, then down. Up from your heart, then down your cheeks. Remember why you were crying? Maybe life had fled from a loved one's heartbeat. Or maybe life had walked away from a once-loving relationship. Or maybe trust had walked away from a once-beautiful friendship. Or maybe you had walked into an experience that had touched you to the very core of your heart. Don't run away from your tears. Embrace them. Tears cleanse the soul and strengthen your spirit. Tears are a river of strength, not weakness. It could be, that women live longer because they swim in this river more frequently than men. So whenever you feel like jumping into this river, do so. It flows from a place of strength. May your tears fuel your strength and keep you away from the Pity-Party island.

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