Cancer on the Floor

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I am seated in a black metallic seat right outside the chemotherapy wing of the HCGCCK Cancer Centre. But for the grace of God, I would be here for a chemo session, not to pick medicine for a friend. The reception area of this chemotherapy wing looks so spick and span. Even posh. The floor’s large black and white tiles are so smooth that I feel like sliding on them. Large squares of glistening smoothness. Yet most of the shoes that step on them are ferrying terrified cancer patients.

Maybe some of those patients are unable to put on those shoes. Maybe some care less about those shoes and all shoes in general. Its hard to hug your shoes when cancer is choking you. But maybe for others, those shoes are a source of comfort. They remind them of the little joys of life that they still have control over.

A fit-looking, broad-shouldered man has just walked past me. He is walking slowly, as if he is strolling on a beach somewhere in Kenya’s famed south-coast beaches. He is wearing a black cap. And navy blue Reebok shoes.

I can only hope and pray, that those Reebok shoes are not ferrying a cancer patient.  

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