Mr Francis Senteza Kalibala (Frank) Mr Francis Senteza Kalibala (Frank) Photo Courtesy of Bobi Wine's Facebook Page

Thank you Frank for believing in Uganda until your last breath

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Mr Francis Senteza Kalibala, popularly known as Frank was a nice guy. A strong guy. A man whose convictions were as strong as his muscles. That’s why he was in Uganda Presidential candidate Bobi Wine’s security team. Every day when he sprung from bed and sprinted to work, he did so because he believed that a better Uganda was possible. He believed not just in Bobi Wine’s ability to deliver that better Uganda, but also in the limitless people power of hundreds of thousands of Ugandans that he had saw daily in Bobi Wine’s campaign rallies. He saw their hopeful, joyous faces as they listened to Bobi. He loved these people because they had the courage to dream of a better Uganda.

On Sunday 27th December, Frank stopped seeing these faces for good. He was run over by a military police patrol truck that had blocked Bobi Wine’s convoy in Busega. He was among a group that was rushing Kasirye Ashraf, a key member of Bobi Wine’s Ghetto Media team, to Rubaga Hospital. He had just been shot by police.

Frank may be no more, but his dream for a better Uganda is very much alive. May the strength of his convictions and muscles live on in millions of other Ugandans.

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