Deep Insights from a Food Court in Village Market

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Saturday, 4.30 PM. The New Wing of Village Market’s Food Court. She could be French or American. She is a Caucasian brunette. Her little boy, maybe four years old, looks like Obama must have looked at that age. He is a four-year-old multi-racial bundle of joy. When she matched into the food court of Village Market’s  new wing, he was walking ahead of her, his happy eyes wandering all over the place. He ran to an empty table but she directed him to another one.

They passed a table with four people. They are two couples but I think they are just ‘good friends.’ Blanketing their table is the sheer relaxation that wouldn’t be there if they were couples. Romantic chemistry doesn’t always go hand in hand with utter relaxation. It is often underpinned by a tension without which the chemistry wouldn’t be there in the first place. That’s why sometimes when people transition from a friendship to a relationship, they sometimes miss the good old friendship days ‘when we could talk about anything and everything.’ Of course they could because there were no undercurrents of romantic chemistry back then. Almost every decision in life is a trade-off in that sense. But the good news is that the more the friendship quotient in a relationship, the more joyous and fun the relationship will be.

The table to the right of these four good friends is occupied by another group of four. They are all young men. One Asian, two Caucasian and one African. I suspect that they are students in one of the high-end high schools in this area of Gigiri and Runda. Fees in these schools is stratospheric which is no problem for folks in this area because many are quite wealthy. In fact, I think that 1 person in this area is probably worth at least 100 people in a place like Dandora in the Eastlands part of Nairobi.  

While I have no empirical evidence for this piece of data, there is sufficient anecdotal evidence to prove it. For instance, the four aforementioned young men are able to afford Ksh1,000 ($10) hamburgers without batting an eyelid. In several parts of Eastlands, Ksh1,000 will easily feed a family of four for several days.

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, next to those four young men’s table, is my table. Yap, this is the favorite table of yours truly. Every time I come to this food court, I always sit here. I first sat here with my lovely ‘sister’ Vicky. She is the next Joanna Gaines, one of the leading Interior designers globally. Though only 21, Vicky is already hurtling towards interior design stardom. She is honing her skills at Maseno University where she is studying interior design.

I ordered for a burger and fries. Plus a coke. Vicky settled for a soda only, I forget which one. “I ate a very late breakfast at my hotel,” she said by way of excuse. But those fries were so divine that I ordered for her another plate. Next time you are at this particular food court, order for some fries at RocoMamas.

Okay, before I go, a final note about those four young men. They are paying their bills separately. People from Eastlands usually pay communally. Two of those young men are paying with their credit cards. In eastlands, the people who pay using credit cards are less than ten percent. Again the only proof I have of this is anecdotal. I can barely recall swiping taking place in the restaurants that I have eaten at in Eastlands. Yap, even I rarely swipe.

But at least I can afford those $10 burgers! Why do I live in Eastlands then? Why not? I am working on my dream house. So as you continue paying rent here in Runda I will be living in my own house that will be better than your Runda house. You can take that to the bank. Unless you can copy-paste the Indian Ocean view to Runda, my ocean view will always be better than your view. But ultimately, life is not a competition to be bigger and better than the next person. Know your purpose and travel your journey because that is the only journey that will unlock your purpose and destiny. 

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