The Beautiful Breeze of Your Cheers

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The crowd was cheering wildly. Even the trees, lined along both sides of the road that cut through Prater Park in Vienna, appeared to be cheering. As I watched this historic marathon from my car thousands of kilometers away in Nairobi, it felt as if the universe had paused for a little while, to cheer Eliud Kipchoge to victory.

Less than two minutes later, his lithe legs leapt over the finish line in under two hours, the first man to ever do so. Two years earlier, he had tried to break the same record at the Formula One Autodromo Nazionale Monza race track in Italy. But he had failed. One of the main differences between that attempt and the successful one in Vienna is that in Italy, there were no fans to cheer him on. But in Vienna, they were there, on either side of the road, cheering him wildly at every step of the way.

In the individual races of life that we all run, we need to be cheered on. One of the best gifts that you can give to those near and dear to you is to cheer them on in their races. Our concerted, consistent and heartfelt cheers can make the difference between their triumph or loss. But you cannot cheer them on if you don’t even know the races that they are running and why those races matter to them. So get to know your loved one’s intimate, critical races.Then cheer them on as if life depends on it because in some ways, it does. When you cheer on someone that you care for, your cheers will lift up their flagging spirits and carry them beyond the finish line.

May the beautiful breeze of resounding cheers from your spouse, your close friend, your sibling, your parent, your children, sweep you to victory.

When you ride on the powerful back of intimate cheers, victory will be within reach.

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