Restoring Your Life to Factory Settings

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Aby. My seven year old niece. The only daughter to my sister Liz. Her sunny spirit will lift up your spirits if they are down and keep them up if they are already high. Her smile, her innocent smile, her radiant smile, will melt your heart. She is a child. Like all children, the factory settings that her Creator instilled in her are still largely intact. Like all children, she still dances to that powerful tune of curiosity. Its a daily dance that endows her with new knowledge and new experiences. Because of her childhood status, she is still unacquainted with the constant worry and anxiety that adults love to embrace.

Every night she races into sleep, not worrying about the next meal. The following morning when God fires the starting gun of a new day, she sprints off into a beautiful day Aby Liz and JoshuaAby, Liz and Gabriel the last bornunencumbered by so-and-so who said this-and-that about her. To her, a new day is but a blank canvas waiting for her to paint onto it more positivity and beautiful experiences. She is able to immerse herself into a new day in such a manner because of those Creator factory settings that are still largely intact.

The good news is that you can actually restore Creator factory settings in your life! But how? Simple - by changing your mindset. The person that you are today is a direct consequence of the cumulative choices that you have made over the course of your life. Because choices spring from the mind, you can only change the person that you are by changing your mindset.

Now, if you want to change your shoes, you must discard the ones on your feet first before you can wear the new ones. You can’t have it both ways. Similarly, changing your mindset entails discarding the old mindset and ‘wearing’ the new mindset. To put it in even simpler terms, replace your current thoughts with new thoughts. Do this daily, hourly, moment by moment.

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If this negative thought sneaks into your mind - this business of mine is not growing at all. I don’t see a future for it - replace it with a more positive thought - what more can I do to inject more growth into this business.  In the same vein, replace this thought - bitcoin is a big joke that is only entertained by lazy losers - with this thought - how can I ride the bitcoin wave in a low risk manner? If you replace dozens of negative thoughts with dozens of positive thoughts, you will have began to change your mindset. It is a painstaking exercise with immeasurable benefits.

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Napoleon Hill the eminent American writer once wrote a book known as ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ In the book, he consistently asserted that, ‘thoughts are things.’ You become what you think. If you think you can, then you will. If you think you can’t, then you won’t. If your thoughts are soaked in bitterness, your days will ooze that bitterness. You will know no joy. But if you start soaking your thoughts in positivity, your days will drip of positive energy.

It’s time to do away with the viruses that are undermining your joyous, fruitful, peaceful living by restoring yourself to factory settings. Just start working on changing your mindset and you will restore those Creator Factory Settings.

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