A Beautiful Breeze for resuming your running

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Once upon a time, you used to run. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you used to leap from bed right into the early morning's cold, refreshing arms. Your legs would hit the pavement, then the dirt road, then the tarmac, back to the dirt road and back to the pavement that led you home. You would alternate between 10 kilometers and 12 kilometers. Once a month, the last Friday of the month, you would run for a good 15 kilometers.

Ah, it felt so good to run consistently for two years. Of course there were days you wouldn’t make it, either because your body was teetering in sickness or because you had traveled. But by and large, for two whole years, you ran for three days a week. Your quadriceps felt good. Your glutes too, were in top form as were your hamstrings. Those low muscles were your best friends back then.

Then something happened. You missed one Monday because of a valid reason - food poisoning from the previous night messed up your stomach so much that you simply couldn’t run. But you found yourself missing other runs because of reasons that were not as valid. Actually, no reason at all. You just didn’t feel like it. Before you knew it, you had gone for a whole month without running, then two. Then three. It’s been two and a half years now.

There is a powerful secret for resuming running. Actually, it is a powerful secret of resuming anything awesome that you used to do but no longer do. This powerful secret can be summarized in four words - just do it now. Yes, now. Go out now and run even if it will be for ten meters. Then tomorrow, run for one kilometer. Do it one day at a time, one run at a time.

Restoration is birthed in the fierce urgency of now. So take the first step towards your restoration now.

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