The Princess who Sells Shoes and Trains People

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They say that there are two kinds of people in this world - royalty and commoners. And no, am not talking about Queen Elizabeth and her ilk. Rather, royalty here refers to people who dance to a different beat, a higher tune. During the dark nights of their lives, they choose to focus on those bright, bright stars that shine brightest during the darkest nights

During the bright days of their lives, they fish out wrappings of joy within them and unwrap them to as many people as possible. Oh, how they love to share the sparks of joy. Even when that joy has leaked away from their souls, they still find a way of sharing the few drops remaining. These are the real royals of this world.

The real royals dance to a different tune. It’s not different for the sake of being different. This tune can only be discerned by those who are truly listening to it. The real royals are listening. Always listening. While others can only hear the honks of vehicles during a boisterous traffic jam, they focus instead on the distant chirps of birds that are inaudible to others. They know how to tune out from the noise and tune in to the music.

Annie, also known as Princess or Princesa, is a real royal. And a beautiful one at that. She sells shoes and trains people. Tony Hsieh, the late founder of Zappos also sold shoes and accumulated a wealth of 840 million US dollars within just a few years. Princess is determined to follow in his footsteps by selling amazing shoes to many, many, many people. As she does that, she will also be training people through her training company. Training them on positive stuff like positive masculinity and servant leadership.

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