A Beautiful Breeze for Your Inner Beauty

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Outer beauty thrills. Inner beauty fulfills. As thrill disappears, fulfillment lingers on. As such, work hard on your outer beauty but work twice as hard on your inner beauty. Outer beauty is God’s gift to you, inner beauty is your gift to God. Outer beauty attracts people but inner beauty attracts God.

When you are walking down the street and you catch several people staring at you because you are so beautiful, it feels good. But only for a moment. What lingers on during the day and into the night, is your inner beauty. Outer beauty dissolves with time. Inner beauty flourishes with time.

Inner beauty puts a smile into your heart and a spark into your eyes.

Filters may enhance the beauty of a face, but they are powerless in beautifying the heart. Sunshine knows this. That Friday morning, the more she walked along Karura Forest’s middle track, the more she lost track of time. The deeper she walked into the forest’s embrace, the more she felt beautiful palpitations dancing in her heart. Then she saw it. Oh God, how she loved it. She smiled and walked close to it. Her light, ebony hand reached out for it. Wow. Her eyes said. This wild mushroom is so beautiful. Wow, a guy who was cycling by muttered. That lady is so beautiful, he thought.  

Like Sunshine, dance more to the joyous tune in your heart than the flattering words of others.

When you look out at the eastern horizon and see a big, beautiful sun rising, that’s outer beauty. If you can look into your heart and see the rising sun of kindness, fulfillness and unspeakable joy, that’s inner beauty.    

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