A Beautiful Breeze for Growing Your Money Photo by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

A Beautiful Breeze for Growing Your Money

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What would you do to grow $10 into $20 within one week? Think about it deeply. Allow your mind to roam freely because imagination is the birthplace of great triumph. Stretch that one week into one month if you must, but by all means grow that $10. Double it.

For me, I will invest in design and production of one pair of the twiga (Swahili for giraffe) Maasai sandals. For now, they only exist in my mind but within a week, they wil exist on earth too. I have zeroed in on the actual design and will modify it accordingly. It will be a design of African women’s sandals that will make you feel very tall and elegant when you walk in them. I have identified someone who will buy them. But since selling one pair will not double the $10, I will have to find someone else who will buy a second pair of this same design. That way, the initial $10 investment will birth a $20. So help me God.

Money only grows on trees that are rooted in the fertile soil of a great product and a dynamic market. You must build or buy that product. You must also find that dynamic market. Do this two things tactfully, strategically and consistently. Endure the labor pains of birthing this great product and you will reap the rewards of cradling a bundle of money in your arms.

Sometimes, it helps to find a market then sell to them a product that is in demand. But sometimes, you can build an awesome product then build an awesome market for it. It takes longer but it can reward you with more money.

So go ahead and grow your money. Start small and build your way up incrementally, step by step. If you grow weary, rest for a while. But whatever you do, don't give up. 

Remember that the best way of growing your money in the long term is to be the best at what you do, whether in employment or in business.

Positive thinking will clear your pathway to victory. Find out how here.

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