A Beautiful Breeze for Your Business Growth Photo by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

A Beautiful Breeze for Your Business Growth

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Tony sent you $100.00 USD. Paypal informed me at 8.59PM on July 18th 2018.  Great! I shouted to my iPad. I had just started reading Steve Jobs Biography when that message came in. Tony was purchasing two pairs of Swahili sandals and an African summer dress. He was from Thornton Colorado. This was one of the first orders, accompanied by Paypal payments, through www.sasafrica.shop my E-commerce store. My heart fluttered in excitement as a smile breezed across my entire face. My African products business was picking up pace and gathering customers from all over the world!

Is your business picking up? Is it gaining momentum? Is it roaring like a lion or is it whimpering like a mouse? Is it roaring like thunder that can be heard by all or is it merely croaking, like that river frog whose croak gets lost in the river’s roar.

Business is either retrogressing (moving backwards), stunted (stuck in limbo) or growing. The bad news is that sometimes you can’t determine which of these three segments your business will temporarily lodge itself in. There are times when external forces subvert your best efforts. But the good news is that you (yes YOU) have the final say on whether your business will eventually flourish or not. Its all in your hands. 

Richard Branson famously said that “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” So be on the lookout for those business opportunities that can transform your business. However, unlike a bus, opportunity tends to sneak in through the back door. Many end up missing it. Don’t be among those many. Every day, develop your business instincts because they are the ones that will turn your head around in time for you to see that business opportunity behind you before it disappears.

You can develop your business instincts through one magical, powerful, awesome, beautiful word - obsession. Be obsessed with your product and your market.

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