A Beautiful Breeze for your Brilliance Photo by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

A Beautiful Breeze for your Brilliance

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He screamed. A loud, throaty scream that startled a brownish African Goshawk bird that was perched on a nearby silver oak tree, one of the many in Karura Forest. One minute before that scream, he had been running at a steady fast pace along the Forest’s middle track. Just like the startled bird, his Nike Free 5.0 shoes were brown in color. Ten seconds before the scream, those Nike sneakers slammed into something soft. So soft that he instantly felt it, skid to a stop and swung around. That’s when he screamed.

A bunch of thunbergia alata flowers, commonly called black-eyed Susan vines, was lying smashed on the ground, thanks to his size 44 sneakers. In that instant that he saw them he instantly knew that the flower was easy to propagate from stem cuttings and was hence a popular house plant. He knew the exact optimal temperature for it, some of the diseases that afflict it and how to treat them. He didn’t know this because he was a botanist but because he was a passionate environmentalist. He usually consumed environmental knowledge with more gusto than he did chicken and chapati, his favourite meal.

He was also Chartered Financial Analyst who had abandoned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Nairobi University five years earlier because, as he told his stunned father, ‘I already know the stuff that they are teaching us.’ Jay knew a lot of stuff, ranging from forests to cryptocurrency. He was also a writer whose blog theme of ‘you, yes you’ was drawing in hundreds of unique visitors every day. In addition to this, he was a talented visual storyteller whose tik tok account had 98,573 followers and counting. One might say that he was a brilliant multi-talented twenty-seven year old.

Brilliance is a unique gift for the rare few who choose to gift themselves with brilliance. People are not brilliant because they were born that way; they are brilliant because they made themselves brilliant. Brilliance is rooted in diligence and discipline. Just as water nourishes a plant, sweat nourishes brilliance. Perspiration is the only visa you need to enter into the land of brilliance. Choose to be brilliant and use your brain to realize your dreams as you change the world.

You won't believe what the extra mile can do for you!

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