Laughter and Clean Energy at the Dubai World Trade Center

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Built in 1979, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) occupies such a special place in United Arabs Emirates that it features on the country's 100 dirham note. In early 2021 Anna Chao Pendo, a travel executive from Kenya arrived in one of DWTC's 21 halls for a meeting. She was stunned by its personalized coziness. The other conference halls that she had visited before were often dreary, with zero character.

When comedians from around the world land in Dubai in mid-May for the Dubai Comedy Festival, some of them will perform at DWTC. This festival will run from Thursday May 13 to Saturday May 22. Judging from the roster of comedians who will attend, audiences are guaranteed ten days of unending laughter.

And so, if you happen to be in Dubai on Thursday May 20th, drop in at the DWTC and you will see a bearded man in a dapper suit. His name is Nemr, a Lebanese American comedian. He will make you laugh because that’s what he does for a living. And he sure is funny! His performances are dotted with hilarious anecdotes from both Lebanon and USA. This lends his performances a cross-cultural appeal that resonates on an international stage like the Dubai Comedy Festival where he will be performing.

One day later on May 21st, Maz Jobrani, an Iranian-American comedian will be wowing the crowd at the same venue. The shaven-headed comedian loves to poke mad fun at his Iranian heritage. He makes fun of himself and the Iranian-American culture so easily that you will find yourself not just laughing, but also hopeful about this crazy world.

One more thing, DWTC isn’t just about hosting events. Its also keen on producing and consuming clean energy. In early 2018, DWTC’s Sheikh Rashid Hall joined the champions league of effective multi-tasking. Apart from hosting meetings, the hall’s roof became home to 3,000 photovoltaic solar panels. If thousands more meeting venues across the globe follow suit, then both the atmosphere and people will breathe a little bit easier.

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