A Beautiful Breeze for your Habits Photo by wal_172619 from Pixabay

A Beautiful Breeze for your Habits

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Jay Mow’s fingers raced across the keyboard faster than Usain races across 100 meters and longer than Eliud races across 42 kilometers. Jay Mow was the Messi of transcribing. The best in the field. He can type with his eyes closed. He can type as he conversed with his daughter Ayanna. He has been typing for ten years now. Not a few times a month for ten years but every weekday for ten years. If you intentionally do anything for that long, you too will be the Serena Williams of that thing.

Talking of Serena, she began playing tennis in 1986 when she was five years old. That means that as of 2021, she has been playing tennis for thirty-five years. For her, tennis became a fruitful, fulfilling, revolutionary and highly profitable habit.

You can also can develop fruitful, fulfilling and even profitable habits. But only if you nurture those particular habits consistently. Just like a piece of clothe, you must keep putting on a habit. But just like clothes are removed, habits tend to be removed from us, so we have keep wearing them until they become part of our identity. Until they become our second nature. That is the power of habit. You can literally pick anything, football, transcribing, tennis, writing - anything - and wear it every single day until it becomes a part of you. So what are you waiting for?

You want to be a great runner? Then make running your habit. You want to be a fast reader? Make reading your habit. You want to churn our heavenly meals? Make cooking your habit.

However, it’s not just about plain repetition. There are many people who have been cooking for decades and still can’t produce a five-star meal. It is about incremental repetition. In other words, seek gradual, intentional improvement every time you repeat that activity. And you will be unstoppable in your chosen field.

Your habits will build you up or pull you down.

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