A Beautiful Breeze for Your Grit Photo by matrishva vyas from Pixabay

A Beautiful Breeze for Your Grit

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Few things in this world are as great as grit.

When you stumble and fall, grit will pick you up, dust you up and infuse you with new strength. New joy. New hope. Just ask Lola. On Monday September 28th 2020 she celebrated her twenty-seventh birthday by not celebrating at all. In less than three years, she would be turning thirty. Yet she felt that life was passing her by. She doubted she could marry her current boyfriend. There was something about him that was just… off. Her account at SBM Bank Donholm branch had a balance of exactly Ksh2,550. The most valuable asset that had her name to it was her HP Laptop. She had bought it for $800 after saving for five months. On that Monday that she turned 27, she switched it on and opened a file entitled, ‘my life.’ It contained the milestones of her life. There were three: 1) Graduated from Maseno University with Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Technology. 2) Started living alone in Tena Estate, Nairobi. 3) Bought my laptop.

“Are these the only three things that I have achieved in twenty-seven years of living on planet earth?” Lola had asked herself as she switched off her laptop. She resolved then to run the marathon of her life with more purpose. More dogged determination. More grit. This is the grit that took her all the way to the Board room of a leading telecommunications company within seven months. She secured a communication deal worth $1,800.

Few qualities in this world are as great as grit. If you are still wondering what grit is, just think of a one-year-old learning to walk. They keep falling. And keep getting up. They grab everything within reach to support their walk. They keep putting one foot in front of another until their tiny legs begin holding them and powering their new walk in life.

Grit keeps getting up and keeps walking on. Grit aint easy. It isn’t pretty. Its messy. But it will always deliver you to your destination.

Grit will awaken the greatness that already lies in you. May the beautiful breeze of grit begin to refresh and recharge you today.

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