Beautiful Breeze for Your Discomfort Photo by jplenio

Beautiful Breeze for Your Discomfort

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As soon as I get home, I will open the fridge, fish out my favorite Agashya passion juice from Rwanda and proceed to pour out for myself a glass of that heavenly juice. I will then watch Suits or Friends for the one millionth time as I relax.

This routine is baked into my psyche. My brain is hardwired to drive my body into this routine. It’s a comfort zone that I love occupying. Our lives are full of comfort zones that keep us confined in a box that we rarely think out of. As a result, our days are generally the same; never deviating from a given script. This further reinforces our comfort zones and keeps us from breaking out into deeper living; the kind that an eagle enjoys every time she flies to the skies beyond and lands in territories unknown.

Make discomfort your best friend. While you are at it, make the comfort zone your worst enemy. If you do so, you will days will usher you into deeper adventures and more wholesome living.

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