A beautiful breeze for your Small Business Photo by Hoangcan from Pixabay

A beautiful breeze for your Small Business

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Did you know that Small and Medium Enterprises employ more than 80 percent of Kenya’s working population?  This is amazing. Without small and medium-sized businesses, eight out of ten Kenyans would be out of a job.

My sister Liz runs two of these small businesses. Bubble Bakers, which churns out mouthwatering divine cakes has employed a young mother of one. Her second business, Chakula Tamu, has been born today, 10th of January 2022. By noon, she had already sold out today’s meal of steamed rice and coconut mbaazi.

Reflecting on Liz’s growing business earlier today, I realized that the one word that sums up her business approach is this – tenacity. She held on and refused to let go. There was a time in 2021 when her bakery would go for more than two weeks without making a sale. But she held on. She kept waking up every morning and matching to the Grocery.

When I asked her what motivated her to wake up and go to the Bakery every single morning, she gave me a powerful three-word answer, “Joshua, Abigael and Gabriel.” These are the names of her three children aged between five and 12.

The driving force of your business will either power on your business or cause it to sputter and die. Find the right driving force and let it power you on.

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