Purr and Run

Purr and Run

Keep running; and if you can't run, then walk.

It has been four days since I last ran. My body is rusty. My running shoes are clean. I think about them as I hit the rhino stretch. Just after Tumaini Primary school, I see the first rat. In the course of six kilometers between Umoja estate and Komaroch estate, I see four more. Big rats. The kind that would make some cats think twice before pouncing.

Talking of cats, at the Usain Stretch, a cat runs in front of me for about one hundred meters. It becomes my pace setter. In parts of Kenya it is considered to be a bad omen for a cat to cross your path first thing in the morning. In this case, it is running ahead of me, not crossing my path. So we shall assign that phenomena to a good omen. Remember that. Next time a cat runs in front of you, as if leading you, its a good omen. It means that you are about to purr into something really sweet.

As I hurtle along Kangundo road, I begin to feel a bouncing ball in my stomach. Evidently, my stomach is full of gas, which is now making running to be rather uncomfortable. I don’t like this. It pretty much marks the end of my proper running today. It means that for the remaining part of the race, I will have to walk briskly most of the time and only steal a few runs. Which means that I am not going to improve at all on my time today. Sad. But c’est la vie.

Keep running. And if you can’t run, then walk.

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