365 Days of Immeasurable Sudanese Pain

365 Days of Immeasurable Sudanese Pain

What began as a power struggle between rival military factions has devolved into a catastrophic proxy war - fueled by outside interests seeking to control Sudan through bloodshed rather than allow its citizens to chart their own destiny.

Today is the first year anniversary of the ongoing War in Sudan. Lest you forget, there people are still dying in Sudan. There is something you should know about the people responsible for this tragic loss of life. For the thousands who have died. For the hundreds of thousands injured. For the millions displaced.

When the Sudan War Started, I did a video explaining that it was a proxy war. That’s why one year later, this war is still raging.

We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that this war is not just an internal struggle; it is a proxy war fueled by external interests, where the people of Sudan have become pawns in a geopolitical game. The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the Sudanese army have become instruments of oppression, tearing apart the fabric of society and silencing the voices of the oppressed.

For 365 agonizing days, the Sudanese people have endured indescribable suffering, death, and displacement on an immense scale. Bombs and artillery have rained down on homes, hospitals, and schools with no regard for innocent life. Precious children have been orphaned and families torn apart by the cruel machinery of war. Starvation and disease stalk the streets as vital supply lines are cut. The ancient heart of Khartoum, once a celebrated crossroads of African civilization, now lies in ruins amidst the rubble of wanton destruction.

This is not the future the brave people of Sudan fought and sacrificed for during the inspiring 2019 revolution. Theirs was a peaceful cry for democracy, justice, and basic human rights after decades of repressive rule. But those hopeful voices have been drowned out by the thunder of guns and sectarian violence between the very forces that once promised protection - the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.

Let us speak truthfully: This is a proxy war, inflamed by regional powers jockeying for influence and exploiting ethnic divisions to further their own narrow interests. They arm, fund, and provoke militias who have no stake in Sudan's prosperity, only endless conflict that enriches them as the nation bleeds. These vultures must be starved of their power to bring this vicious cycle to an end.

We cannot allow Sudan's future to be decided by violence and men with guns. Its fate belongs to the dreams of its people - the doctors, shopkeepers, students, and civil society members who showed the world the brave face of peaceful revolution. On this solemn anniversary, we must amplify their voices and demand action.

The global community and African nations must rise to this crisis and robustly support an inclusive peacemaking process led by the Sudanese people themselves. Increased diplomatic pressure on the warring factions, enforced no-fly zones, arms embargoes, and cutting military aid are vital steps to stop the killing. But ultimately, the democratic aspiration of Sudan must be uplifted and protected through a UN-led protection force answering directly to a transitional civilian government. 

No more can the world turn away as this once proud and influential nation is victimized as a playground for powers seeking proxy domination. Enough is enough - the never-ending cycles of oppression and war that have drained Sudan's vast potential must be broken so its people can at last realize their dream of freedom, self-determination, and peace. 

The fate of Sudan's children cries out for action. Each day that passes allows the vultures of violence and oppression to claim more lives over the burned remains of democracy's promise. On this somber anniversary, let us renew our vow to the Sudanese people and commit to being midwives of their hard-won opportunity for rebirth. What was stolen from them by conflict must be reclaimed through our conviction to stand with the noble spirit of their revolution until its final triumph.

Let us not forget that behind the headlines and statistics are real people, with real dreams and aspirations. Let us come together to ensure that the anniversary of this war marks not another year of suffering, but the beginning of a new chapter of peace, reconciliation, and hope for Sudan.
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