Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s Liberator and Oppressor

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s Liberator and Oppressor
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Did he liberate Zimbabwe only to eventually oppress it?

Mugabe's Zimbabwe: a tale of two legacies, etched in blood and progress. He inherited a Rhodesia scarred by racial division, and birthed a Zimbabwe draped in the green, yellow, and red of liberation. Education became a weapon, literacy rates rocketing under his rule. Healthcare, too, felt the beautiful sting of his socialist zeal, infant mortality plummeting like a stone from a cliff. Things were looking good; Zimbabwe on a roll, until land became a landmine in Zimbabwe’s soul. Land redistribution, a seismic shift that rippled with both empowerment and chaos. But his iron fist, once a shield against Rhodesian brutality, became a cudgel against Zimbabwean dissent. Elections, the democratic bedrock, turned into battlegrounds. Whispers of corruption morphed into thunderous roars, his cronies feasting on the carcass of a once-promising economy. The man who raised Zimbabwe from its knees ended up kneeling on its throat, his twilight years marred by hyperinflation and exodus. In the end, his rousing eloquence in defense of Africa didn’t transform Zimbabwe’s economy; didn’t create jobs. Sabotage from the West? Fiery rhetoric from a father can’t feed his children. Only food on the table can do so.

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